Instant Hidden Internet

Instant Hidden Internet 3.1.0

Instantly hide your online activity


  • Quickly shuts down or disables windows
  • Removes traces of the app from Task Manager


  • Doesn't support Google Talk or Chrome


Don't you just hate it when your boss comes over at work while you're illicitly browsing the Internet or instant messaging? It's very difficult not to look guilty as you frantically close down all those browser windows and chat applets. Luckily for you Instant Hidden Internet is here to get you off the hook.

Instant Hidden Internet allows you to hide or close all Internet browser windows, chat windows or folder windows with a single customizable hotkey. It's pretty easy to set up too. You just select the browsers and chat apps you wish to hide/show from the drop-down menu in Instant Hidden Internet, define your hotkey and you're ready!

Then, next time you're browsing the Web or using a chat client you just quickly hit the hotkey when your manager appears, and Instant Hidden Internet will automatically close or hide the window in an instant. It even removes evidence that you're running a web browser or chat client in the Task Manager.

It would be nice if Instant Hidden Internet were able to hide individual tabs within your browser, as this option is currently unavailable. What's more, the application doesn't support Google Talk or Chrome at present.

However, if you're looking for an easy way of discretely using the Net, Instant Hidden Internet is a reliable tool for the job.

Instant Hidden Internet


Instant Hidden Internet 3.1.0

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